Watton Earth have I been up to?

The biggest thing I have been working on is RAF Watton, for someone on the A2A Forums, who grew up on Watton's AMQs. However, while making a sort of hybrid "post war" version that tries to work from 1946 through to when Watton closed without upsetting anyone, I discovered a whole bunch of information about the airfield's past as well, so have ended up making three versions.

"All in one" Zip Files updated - 20150102

It would appear that all the various zip files I have created and uploaded are getting confusing so, until I get time to properly reorganise and update this place, I've uploaded another "All in One" zip file, with everything in one place, regardless of its state of completeness or otherwise.

Just this once, I have also zipped all the various libraries together in one go.

Anson mania!

We've got not one, but two Anson packages now available for FSX.

The first, released a while ago while I was too ill to report on it, was a Mk.I from A2A's "Aircraft Factory" division. That has been joined now by an entire suite of the type from FS Addon, covering everything from the inter-war Mk.I, through to the Mk.XIX/XX of the 1960s.

Thanks for donations!

I'd like to publicly post my thanks to those who have responded to my earlier request for help and have donated towards my obtaining further airfield design resources.

The response has been better than I hoped and, along with finding a (significantly) cheaper source for second hand Action Stations books, I have now been able to order not one, but three! OK, so one of those wasn't that good quality and cost a whole £0.01+P&P, but I'm not going to complain, to say the least!

One zip, lots of airfields...

I've actually been creating copies of my "IJP Scenery" directory and uploading them for a while, as it has been an easy way of installing for a couple of people who asked.

Because I've just been through a large exercise of updating airfields to include signal and ID squares, as well as some other fixes, you may wish to download the 'all in one' file, as it's likely to be a while before I update all the individual zips.

Little new addition...

Well, I've finally had to give in. People have been suggesting I put a PayPal donate button on the sidebar for some time, but I've been avoiding doing it.

Unfortunately, with increasing costs and decreasing income, the point has come where if I want any more resources for this lark, I'm going to have to ask nicely if people will help out. There's no obligation, the scenery is and will remain free, but if you enjoy what I've created and would like to see me create more, the current objective is a 2nd hand copy of the Action Stations book for Northern Ireland!

RAF North Killingholme

This one was actually done "quite some time ago" - like 2010 - but I've never got around to adding it to the site. Sorry about that.

RAF North Killingholme was a Bomber Command station, the site of which was actually operational during WW1, but the layout as presented here was opened in 1943 and used by 550 Squadron, RAF, using Lancaster bombers.

First airfields made to work with Orbx England

OK. I finally did some. My RAF Debden and RAF Fowlmere and RAF Hornchurch sceneries have now been updated to work with Orbx FSX England.

I've also replaced Mike Carr's FS9 USAAF vehicles at both EGMA and X2DB with Larry Green's FSX models, giving a slightly wider range available and removing the frame rate issues that some people get with a number of FS9 models visible in a scenery.

Orbx England and other sceneries

Unfortunately, as several people have noticed, the way that Orbx make scenery is not compatible with other sceneries that, unlike Orbx, do stick within the rules and limitations of the Microsoft Flight Simulator X Software Developer's Kit.

The long and the short of it is that the way Orbx have created their England product is not compatible with my scenery, or many other peoples'. They change landclasses, break flatten/exclude polygons and require work-arounds to force other sceneries to work with them.

A2A P-51D 8th Air Force Repaints List

Visitors to here who also frequent the A2A forums might have already seen this, but for those that haven't, it's my post, so I reserve the right to crosslink it from my own site.

I've put up a post on the A2A forums here, which I am trying to keep up to date, with all the repaints done of 8th AF aircraft, linked to their Fighter Group and stations. Don't see the one you want? There's a paints request thread running as well, here.